Man is but a worm

Man is But a WormI’ve had a lot of life changes since my last activity her. I’ve gotten married, defended my PhD, and moved to Lund, Sweden to do my postdoctoral research with Dan-Eric Nilsson. I’m changing gears a little bit from my mantis shrimp, but I’m staying in vision research. I will now be working on some slightly less ridiculously elaborate eyes in annelid worms and various other phyla. Instead of looking at vision in one of its most complex and convoluted forms, I am going to be exploring some of nature’s simplest eyes in order to learn more about the origins of vision and visually guided behaviors. I still love my crunchy arthropods though, so hopefully this space can provided a nice outlet for me to talk about something other than my specific research – which is what burnt me out of blogging previously. Stay Tuned!

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  1. Kenny says:

    congrats all around