1. Susannah says:

    I have a microscope that might just benefit from the use of that kit.

  2. Craig says:

    Hah, my supervisor would have had a fit if I’d gone near his £20k Nikon with any of that gear!

  3. Boudinot says:

    Props – that’s a rad set up. Now if only I could find the lens cleaner… that’s why we have the spackle knife, right?

    1. Michael Bok says:

      It’s on another rack, with its steel wool applicator.

  4. Alex Diaz says:

    Michael, I nearly fell out of chair when I saw that picture. My predecessor and mentor here at the company, would always tell me about this microscope repair dealer that used to use a hammer and chisel. You have found the holy grail of microscope lore! I would love your permission to re-post this image. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Thanks – Alex

    1. Michael Bok says:

      I did a serious double-take, followed by a guffaw, the fist time I noticed that in the shop at LIRS.

      Feel free to repost.