Field Notes: Under the sea

I’ve been pretty busy lately with my work, but I’ve had a little bit of time to explore the reefs around Lizard Island and make use of our new underwater camera (Panasonic Lumix TS3). Here is a collection of my favorite photos from under the sea:

A pretty bit of shallow reef, right off of the research station beach.

A Moorish Idol couple.

Some small fish hovering above their coral head sanctuary.

Pink Anemonefish and their so-neon-yellow-it-looks-fake anemone.

More beautiful reefiness

Red fan coral

Giant clam (Tridacna) with brilliant electric-blue patterning.

Plugg plugging.


  1. Chuck says:

    These field posts are great. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Pete Peterson says:

    Beautiful pictures. I envy you. Were it a perfect world, I would live in proximity to a reef like that and a trilobite quarry in my back yard. Fortune took me in a different direction, but my love of the sea and all its wonders still sustains me.

  3. Hey dude, I see you got back safely from the conference….and straight to paradise (you bugger). Can’t believe Nick and Shelby are off to Lizard so soon…whereas I’ll be on a boat off the coast of Ireland dredging up the bottom of the ocean. Anyway, I got a bit worried I might go mad on a ship for 4 weeks so I’ll be sticking stuff up on our Bristol science blog on a regular basis through August so have a gander if you’re ever bored and fancy looking at pictures of really disgusting slimy fish/people! Milly

    1. Michael Bok says:

      I would love to do a deep sea cruise some day. How about next year we switch and you can give Lizard Island a try?

      I did not realize that Nick was coming as well as Shelby, I guess he finally caved in.

      I like the Bristol Science Blog. I though about doing something like that for UMBC back before starting this blog, but It seemed like more effort than I could afford at that point. I’m excited to see lots of those disgusting fish/people you promised.

      1. Milly says:

        Oh dear, apparently it’s a surprise that Nick is coming to Lizard…whoops. Try to act surprised….I said nothing. We did our first trawl the other day. Good Lord, so many holothurians, huge ones as well! I’ve put up a few pics…

        That’s a deal..would appreciate some Lizard Island sun right now (I’m working on the night shift, humph). Have fun in the sun!