Further unintentional unoriginality

When I presented the Inordinate Fondness carnival last week, I unintentionally copied the theme that Amber at Birder’s Lounge used when she hosted the same carnival six months ago. Of course, it should have occurred to me that combining coleopteran beetles and the band, ‘The Beatles’ was way too obvious, but I was too busy feeling clever. I hoped that my addition of beetles to classic Beatles images would make up for the thematic repetition. My personal favorite was this image of a dung beetle rolling its ball across the Abbey Road crosswalk.

Well, a reader has pointed out that I’m not the first one to think of this either…


Oh well, I guess I need to think twice the next time I am feeling clever.

You can purchase a t-shirt with the above image on it here.


  1. Ted C. MacRae October 10, 2010 10:27 pm

    That’s pretty good, but I like your version better :)