I spotted an aquatic cryptid!

This is one final nod to Southern Fried Science’s awesome Ocean of Pseudoscience Week (summarized here). Check out the summary link to read lots of great articles about all manners of oceanic pseudoscience.

Yesterday when I was hiking near a lake in New Jersey, I snapped this shot of an unidentified aquatic animal cruising across the surface:

Probably a plesiosaur.

I have a hunch, but what do you think it is?

'Digitally' enhanced for added graininess


  1. Without knowing size, I’m going with either a beaver or a nutria. River otter and mink don’t stay on the surface continuously like that, and it just seems like something larger than a marsh rat. Just a guess.

    1. Michael Bok says:

      One and done. I’m pretty sure it was a beaver. There were freshly chewed logs all around the lake as well as lodges on nearby lakes.

  2. An excellent example of how photos without scale can be confusing. Beavers scare me, I hope it’s a plesiosaur. Their teeth are so big! They can chew through wood, for cryin’ out loud!